Welcome to my professional dossier. My name is Jacob Babb. I am an Assistant Professor of English at Indiana University Southeast. I am also the Associate Book Review Editor (and incoming Associate Editor) for WPA: Writing Program Administration, the journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. My areas of specialization include histories of rhetoric and composition, writing pedagogy, rhetoric, and writing program administration.

As a faculty member at IU Southeast, I am dedicated to creating new writing courses and programs for the students of southern Indiana and the greater metropolitan Louisville area. I have made syllabi for several undergraduate and graduate courses I have recently taught available here.

I maintain a blog, Inventing the Professor, that provides me with space to reflect on the numerous aspects of life as an academic. I reflect on my own teaching and research practices, comment on current and ongoing events in academia, and contemplate the institutional practices that give shape to my life as an academic. This blog is intended primarily to be a public space for reflection and contemplation about what I find to be important, challenging, and troubling about academic life.

Contact me at babbj@ius.edu

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